Game descrition - ball lines for mobile and stationary devices

Instruction: Move the balls to from lines of 5 or more balls of the same colour.
The lines can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal.

Game was written in pure JavaScript and HTML5, CSS3. It includes two library:

  • modernizr - check that web browser have been embedded in Canvas,
  • javascript-astar - assign the shortest path ball from one point to another with: "A* Search Algorithm". Library is available on web site:

In configuration file You can find for example: size of border, number of colors balls. Bellow You can see snippet of the configuration file:


    action :{
        rows : 9,
        cols : 9, 
        len : 5,
        blank : -1,
        balls_color_no : 6, 
        balls_next_no : 3, 
        balls_init_no : 5,
        score : 0